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Suzette White

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We welcome

Suzette White

to Jazz N Hair Studio!

Suzette comes to us with eight years of
experience in cutting and styling hair!
She was formally with Hair Masters in Clearwater Mall. 

Suzette specializes in:
hair cutting, coloring, high & low lighting and
she absolutely loves special occasion hair styling
for weddings, proms and homecomings!

 Suzette will be taking appointments on
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays!

Please call to make your appointment today at

727-449-9300 salon

904-887-2576 cell 


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Curly or Straight?  Thick or Thin? Fine or Course? 

Long or Short?  Wild or Fixed?  Trendy or Classic? 

When I was young I couldn't understand that anyone would want to have a shampoo and set once a week at the salon.....wouldn't everyone just want to blow-dry and set their own hair with the curling iron at home! Now today there are salons that just do "Blow Outs"!   Boy how things have changed through the years!  Here at Jazz N Hair Studio....all three of us, Me (Janette), Dana and Suzie have at least 35 years of experience.  What does that mean to the client?  It means we have lots of different techniques we've learned and used throughout our career to create many different types of hairstyles.  We are not limited to the long straight hairstyles of the last ten years.....or to even short curly hairstyles like what I learned to do when I first became a hairstylist!

 Experience means I've not only "know" the techniques of how to cut and style hair, but I've done it over and over through the years so that I have perfected my techniques.  I can combine different techniques throughout the hairstyle so that the hair will fall or lay exactly the way the client wants it to.  We're not stuck in a rut of being just a "Curly Hair Expert"  or just a "Shampoo and Set Salon" either!

 So I started this blog to tell you that we  do lots of different kind of services here at Jazz N Hair Salon......yes we do perms and shampoos and feel welcome to send in your Moms and Grandmothers.  We welcome them here and have lots of experience with older clientele.  We love all ages of people here and are able to accommodate all types of hair and create many different styles.  We draw on our many years of experience to be able to give you exactly the hairstyle you want ........ So if you're wanting to change from that long straight hairstyle to something with more curl or that we have the experience to help you get the look and style you want!

 Call us today for a free consultation

or to set up an appointment!


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What is the meaning of "SELFIE"? definition is someone who tries cutting their own hair!  And although doing a "selfie" with a camera phone is a cool thing......its not a cool thing to cut your own hair!  Not if you really want to have a GOOD HAIR DAY!  Or week.......or month!  Now you might ask me, "Why is that?"  Well, there are very few hairstyles that lend themselves to doing a "selfie" haircut!  Believe me......I try to cut my own hair sometimes... when there is no one else in the salon who has time on their schedule to fit me in when I'm free!  And I can only do a little bit in the front and top that might look good if I'm lucky!  And I have 35 years of experience!  Then there is the scenario of a little cut here, a little more on the left, no a little more on the right......and OMG....look what I've done to myself.....this will take forever to grow out!  How can I face my hairstylist now??? 

 So if you're tempted to give yourself a "SELFIE" haircut  forget that notion!  Give us a call right away @ 727-449-9300!  Ask for any one of us, but you will get in faster and quicker if you ask for Suzie!  She is new to our salon with 40 years of experience.  She just moved here to Florida and is building her business and has more openings on her schedule!  She would be able to save you from yourself.....when you get tempted to get a "SELFIE"!  LOL  

 Oh yes......there are "SELFIE"  box hair colors too.....that you can buy at the store....but you'll find our professional Redken hair-colors, with a professional application will turn out a lot better too.....and you won't require a color correction later!

 So remember when you get the itch to do a "SELFIE"  put the scissors down or put the hair-color back on the store shelf and call us here at Jazz N Hair and we'll give you a professional cut and style!  

 For an appointment call us today!





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Now that Easter is past its time to think about adding some summer highlights to your hair!  Here at Jazz N Hair Studio we love to add a few streaks or even a full head of highlights.  If you've never tried it before you can add just a few streaks in the front to brighten up your face!

 Afraid to try a new hair color?   Sometimes adding  foil highlights is a good way to transition into a new shade of color.  

 We are very pleased to spend some time with you in a consultation if you are thinking about making some changes to your hairstyle or your color! 

 Call us today @ 727-449-9300!


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Welcome to Jazz N Hair Studio!

Suzie Montross

Offering $10 off any first time adult

haircut, style or chemical service

with Suzie!

For an appointment call:




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